Rent commercial vehiclesGeneral Terms and Conditions

Criteria for the rent of commercial vehicles:

  • Driver`s Age: a minimum of 21 years
  • Possession of a driver`s licence for at least two years
  • Possession of a credit card

If you meet the aforementioned criteria, we will check if the requested vehicle is available and which standard and additional options we would be able to offer you. If you accept our proposal, we will ask you to submit the personal data which is needed for the rental and reserve the vehicle for you.

In these General Terms and Conditions:

  • “Furgon d.o.o.” designates the company which issues the rental vehicle to the user
  • “user” designates the person, company or organisation which rents the vehicle, or on whose behalf the vehicle is rented under the present terms and conditions
  • “driver” designates the natural person obliged to conform to all the items of the Rental Agreement, who is approved and listed on the front page of the Rental Agreement, beside the “user”
  • “vehicle” designates the vehicle listed on the front page of the Rental Agreement
  • The “user and driver” are hereinafter referred to with the common word “user”

The user undertakes and, by signing this Agreement, confirms the following:

  • that they are at least 21 years of age and that they have been holding a driver`s licence for a minimum of 2 years * (for vehicles of higher categories – group K and above – at least 25 years of age and 5 years of driving experience)
  • that they shall return the rented vehicle with all belonging accessories and equipment, at the time and place set forth in this Agreement, or at the request of the owner
  • that they shall request a prolongation of the rental period set forth in the Rental Agreement at least 48 hours in advance, before the expiration of the rental period
  • that they shall ensure the maintenance of the technical validity of the vehicle and the completion of the periodical vehicle servicing
  • that they shall keep the vehicle tidy and safeguard it with the care of a diligent owner
  • that they shall not use and shall not be allowed to use to vehicle for illegal purposes (such as: in relation to criminal activities, customs or foreign exchange offences), for training new drivers, for transporting and towing other vehicles or trailers or for participating in motorsport events
  • that they shall not rent or borrow the vehicle to third persons, that the vehicle shall be operated exclusively by them or by persons who have been granted authorisation to operate the vehicle and who are listed in the Rental Agreement as the second driver
  • that they shall not encumber the vehicle with persons or objects that exceed the allowed maximum load and that they shall operate the vehicle on classified roads
  • that they shall not cross the borders of the Republic of Croatia with the vehicle without having obtained the permission of the owner, which needs to be added separately to the Rental Agreement. Countries which the vehicle is not allowed to enter: Kosovo, Albania, FYR Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria…Eastern European countries.

The foregoing restrictions are cumulative and each of them shall apply to each use, operation and driving of the rented vehicle. Furgon d.o.o. shall not be held liable for any damage or loss whatsoever caused by the users’ failure to comply with the aforementioned restrictions.

Where the user violates any of the aforementioned provisions, they undertake to compensate the owner for any damage thereby incurred, in an amount which shall be determined by the owner.

The user shall not conduct any change of parts, assembly or appliances on the vehicle without prior authorisation from the owner.The fuel costs arising during the rental period shall be borne by the user and the fuel tank level at the return of the vehicle must correspond to the fuel tank level at its issuance.The user shall be held responsible for committed traffic and parking offences even after the return of the vehicle.

The only entity authorised for the disposition and rental of the vehicle is the company Furgon d.o.o. and it shall be delivered to the user in a valid technical condition. The user undertakes to return the vehicle with all tires, gear and equipment listed in the Rental Agreement and the Form for the vehicle condition test issued before its delivery, in the same condition the vehicle was in at the time of its delivery, excluding the normal wear and tear, at the exact time and place set forth in this Agreement.

The vehicles are rented at the daily price pursuant to the agreed tariff, where one day applies to any period of 24h which follows upon the commencement of the Rental Agreement. Upon the expiration of the aforementioned period, the price for another day shall be charged.

The user undertakes to pay the invoice within 8 days after the receipt of the invoice, at the moment of the return of the vehicle: together with thetime, mileage and other expenses set forth by the Rental Agreement. The amount shall be paid pursuant to the tariff which was in effect at the time when the Agreement was signed. Where the payment is late, legal default interest and reminder costs shall be charged.

By signing this Agreement, the user accepts for Furgon d.o.o. to charge all costs of repair, failure or loss, which are discovered upon the return of the vehicle and which the user failed to report to the owner as per the procedure of vehicle return, at the expense of their credit card or other payment method. The user shall be held responsible for any traffic offences committed during the rental period.

If the user fails to pay the fees for the committed offences, Furgon d.o.o. shall charge them at the user`s expense, together with the administrative costs. Furgon d.o.o. retains the right to charge all aforementioned costs without issuing a prior notice to the hirer. State taxes, fees and similar levies shall be charged in accordance with the effective legal regulations. By signing this Agreement, the user confirms that they understand and accept that the following persons are responsible for the payment of all items listed in this Rental Agreement:

  • the hirer of the vehicle
  • the driver of the vehicle, if the hirer refuses to pay a part of the amount or the entire amount arising from one of the items set forth in this Rental Agreement.

Vehicle maintenance – the user agrees to maintain the vehicle in a good condition and to check the engine and the automatic transmission fluid, if present in the rented vehicle, regularly, as well as to control the levels of water in the radiator and the automotive battery and the tire pressure level. The user shall be held responsible for bearing the costs of damages incurred by insufficient vehicle maintenance. If the rented vehicle reaches a millage at which regular service is scheduled during its rental period, the user must inform Furgon d.o.o. and provide the vehicle to the company`s disposition in order to perform the service. Furgon d.o.o. shall provide the user with a replacement vehicle.

Failures repairs or changes of parts may only be conducted by an authorised service provider, upon prior written approval by Furgon d.o.o. Costs shall be reimbursed after the submission of the invoice of an authorised workshop which performed the repair, however, the spare parts must be presented. In case the repairs are not performed by an authorised workshop and the spare parts are not presented, the costs shall not be reimbursed. If any of the vehicle parts are replaced or lost, an indemnification in the amount of three times the market price of these spare parts shall be charged.

All vehicles are rented with their required documents. The user shall be held responsible for the safeguarding such documents. If the hirer loses the documents, keys, licence plate etc. the user shall be liable to bear the costs of producing new copies of the stolen items, pursuant to the prices defined in the price list.

Cijena u slučaju gubitka prema cijeniku je 350,00 HRK (sa uključenim PDV-om).

Traveller`s insurance – for an additional daily surcharge, in an amount established pursuant to the tariff in force, the travellers shall be insured in the amount of the insurance policy in case of death or disablement arising from an accident caused by a vehicle owned by Furgon d.o.o.

Vehicle insurance All vehicles under right of disposal of the company Furgon d.o.o. are insured against liability for damages caused to third parties. The amount of the deductible depends on the vehicle type, and is determined on the basis of the tariff in effect pursuant to the decision of the Management of Furgon d.o.o. and listed in the Agreement. In case of occurrence of any damage for which the user is responsible or if damage is caused by the user's ignorance of one or more terms of the agreement, the user shall be obliged to settle the damage up to the full value of the insurance, except if the responsibility is waived by paying an additional daily surcharge defined in the tariff in force of Furgon d.o.o. The daily surcharge of insurance does in no way cover:

  • damage to the tires
  • damage to the underside, gear box and clutch, the inside of the car and the windshield due to the driver`s carelessness
  • damage to the engine due to lack of oil or filling the vehicle with the wrong fuel, or due to careless operation of the vehicle
  • damage caused by a driver being influenced by alcohol, drugs or other narcotics
  • damage caused by an unauthorised driver
  • any vehicle damage not reported to the authorised police station

The user shall be held responsible for all aforementioned damages. Furgon d.o.o. will not accept any responsibility for damage or loss incurred during the period when the vehicle was hired by a user who did not comply with the terms listed herein. The user undertakes to settle the costs of all damages incurred to the vehicle of Furgon d.o.o. during the period when he was using it.

Fire and theft the user assumes responsibility for any loss or damage to the vehicle incurred by their negligence or ignorance of the terms set forth in the Agreement. By paying a daily surcharge for every 24 hours of vehicle use, in advance and pursuant to the tariff in force, the user is provided coverage up to the full value of the vehicle and therefore may be charged only up to the amount of the deductible. The amount of the deductible depends on the vehicle type.

Damages – any damage to the vehicle must be immediately reported to the closest police station and to the branch office of Furgon d.o.o. where the vehicle was rented. The user undertakes to refrain from driving the vehicle while it is unroadworthy. A “report” – a special form, supplied together with the documents of the vehicle, as well as a written statement describing all details of the accident (damage) must be filled out immediately and sent to the branch office which delivered the vehicle. The user is obliged to participate in the investigation and other accident–related procedures. If the terms set forth in this Article are disrespected, the user shall be held liable for any costs incurred. A replacement vehicle shall be provided if necessary.

Property loss – Furgon d.o.o. shall not be liable for loss or damage incurred to the property of the user or other persons, which was stored or transported inside or on top of the rented vehicle, service vehicle or premises of the company Furgon d.o.o. By signing this Agreement, the user explicitly waives all claims against Furgon d.o.o. in cases of aforementioned damages or losses.

The hirer undertakes to protect the interests of the owner and his insurance company by performing the following actions:

  • writing down the names and addresses of the participants involved in the accident
  • immediately reporting any incurred damages, however insignificant they may be, to the closest police station and submitting the accident report form
  • immediately reporting any incurred damages, however insignificant they may be, to the closest police station and submitting the accident report form
  • immediately calling the traffic police and waiting for them to arrive and conduct the official inspection of the accident site, as well as immediately reporting the accident to the closest branch office of the owner in cases where significant damage has occurred.
  • when the accident caused injury to the persons involved and where the accident was evidently caused by other persons submitting all police reports about the accident as well as breathalyser tests at the return of the vehicle

If the hirer fails to complete the aforementioned actions in case of an accident, he shall be held liable for the consequences and damages which may arise to the owner due to the hirer`s negligence.

By signing this Agreement, the user unconditionally accepts these General Terms and Conditions, warrants the accuracy of the aforementioned data and agrees to the jurisdiction of the competent court in Split in case of disputes arising.

All employees of the company Furgon d.o.o. reserve the right to control any vehicle at any given moment. If it is established that the user violated any of the terms of this Agreement, the employees are authorised to withdraw the vehicle. Furgon d.o.o. reserves the right to terminate the Rental Agreement anywhere and at any time, even before the expiration of the rental period, without being obliged to compensate any damages to the user.

Important! The user shall be held responsible for traffic offences committed during the rental period even after its expiration.

In these terms and conditions, Furgon d.o.o. is defined as a company with registered seat in Split, Vrh Visoke 17, PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER /OIB/: 48058880718, for the territory of Croatia and one of the company`s business services is vehicle rental.